Day 107: 7/24/14, PCT Mile 1186.8

Miles hiked: 16.5
Camped at: random campsite ~10 miles before Sierra City with Cat Burglar and Firestarter

Happy half-Birthday to me! Strange how most of the time I have no idea what date it is, and today just happened to glance at my watch.

A week can go by so fast! It doesn’t seem possible but tomorrow I will hike into Sierra City with Firestarter and Cat Burglar, who are ending their long section hike there. Tonight is the last night I’ll camp with them – already bittersweet. Day dreaming about town food (cheeseburgers, beverages of our choice, ice cream!) and laughing at the sun hitting their tent in the exact right spot to make them glow, it’s a beautiful night at 6500 feet, quite a bit lower than I’ve camped in what seems like a very long time. And going even lower tomorrow. No tent fly on, I’m hoping for a great star filled sky my last night camping in CA for some time – I’m thinking when I’m back here in Sept or Oct (which seem so far away) the nights may be too cool to be in star gazing mode.

The hike today flew by – the terrain super easy and the climbs negligible. More pretty ridge walking and some forests. Many long breaks, including a tedious water fill half a mile before our campsite — the seasonal source had the tiniest trickle in addition to standing pools of water – we really shouldn’t have been so lazy and gotten water sooner. Ahhh well, it’s not like we didn’t have the time, we were still in camp by 5pm. I also fell for the first time since I dunked myself in that cold stream crossing a day out of Tuolumne Meadows, I caught the tiniest rock wrong and splat! Sprawled on the trail. I scraped up my right leg some, but not badly, and no other injuries. Well, besides being filthy from the incredibly dusty trail right there. At least a shower tomorrow!

In other trail news I was surprised to see Far Out coming down the trail when I had just set up camp for tonight, I thought he was days ahead! We reminisced some on our first day on the trail, and caught up since we had last seen each other in Bishop. He was trying for his first 30 mile day today, so pressed on. Hopefully I’ll see him in town tomorrow before he hikes out.

View from my tent tonight

One of many ridgeline views today:

Firestarter coming down the trail:

Tedious water collection!



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