Day 108: 7/25/14, PCT Mile 1197.5

Miles hiked: 10.5
Camped at: n/a, in Sierra City at Herrington’s with Cat Burglar, Firestarter, and Lacie

The last hiking day in CA for a while – blows my mind. Walking down the last bit of the road walk into town this morning, I wondered what it would look like in autumn, which I will find out at the end of my hike. Sierra City is a neat little town, I’ll be happy to end my hike here. Seeing some northbound thrus here temporarily made me feel like I should simply keep going rather than flip up to WA, but I know this still is the best decision for me. Being here at the end of Firestarter and Cat. Burglar’s section hike was special too – doesn’t seem real to them or me that they’re going home.

The hardest part about today’s short hike was the 3 mile road walk alternate we took into town! Ouch, walking on pavement again is painful. The hiking part on the PCT was a lovely amble through the tall pine tree woods and some ridge walking along switchbacks descending, descending, descending. Some beautiful creeks greeted me the closer I got to town. It’s amazing to me that I’ve gone so quickly from hiking and living at 7-8K in elevation down to 4K+. And lower tomorrow in the Bay Area!

At the funky country store here in Sierra City there is a short order grill, and their “regular” hamburger is 1/2 lb of meat, wow. What’s really amazing is how quickly it went down! Followed by chips, beverages, a milk shake….yikes. We hung out with Far Out at the local bar’s porch all afternoon (thanks Bob!) watching the world go by in a small Northern Californian town. Such a delight to simply relax and not scramble to resupply and all the other town chores, at least for today. We had booked a room at Herrington’s last week, which turned out to be a great idea. We have a sweet porch by a creek, and the restaurant on site was really convenient for dinner though definitely a pricier place – perfect for a celebration for the gals. Cat Burglar’s friend Lacie made a long drive to come stay with us tonight (and drive us tomorrow) and it was so neat to hang out with her this evening.

Yet another hike transition next – a few days of travel and getting resupply figured out for Washington state, and the third major segment of my PCT adventure will be here!

When I see this sign next (the plan is to stick with the plan!) I’ll have actually hiked the portion to Canada as well!

The end of a LOOONG section for Cat Burglar and Firestarter!





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