Day 109: 7/26/14, Zero Travel Day

Sitting here in the Oakland Amtrak station, waiting for my delayed overnight train, it’s hard to believe I was up in the mountains this morning, such a completely different pace and way of life. I can almost see the stress enveloping the other travelers, and despite still needing a ride back to the trail from Portland, which pre-trail would have made my planning self go bonkers, I’m feeling remarkably calm and laid back. Fancy that!

This morning Firestarter, Cat Burglar, Lacie and I had a very leisurely breakfast at the Red Moose Inn. Quite leisurely indeed! No matter, we weren’t in a hurry. The others went on a quick day hike while I vegged out and read next to a lake – no extra walking for this gal on her zero day!


Lacie was a true champ and great trail angel for us today!! The ride down to the Bay Area seemed interminable, first down windy mountain roads, and then in stop and go traffic. Oy, I do NOT miss heavy traffic. Thanks again Lacie!!!

It kind of felt like I had descended from Mars, so absolute was the difference in environment from the morning to the evening. Malls, shopping centers and lots of folks around made my head spin. Christine’s friends Marcelle and Chloe were incredibly gracious and fun welcoming smelly hikers into their home, though I was only staying until having to leave to catch my train. Thanks again for everything, including the wonderful food and drinks!! After saying a bittersweet goodbye and hugging Firestarter and Cat Burglar, now known and Elaine and Christine again, Chloe ran me to the train station where I’m wondering how well I’ll sleep on board. At least I’m not hiking tomorrow!




One thought on “Day 109: 7/26/14, Zero Travel Day

  1. I I wish it didn’t come thru Redding at 2am. Sure makes using the train a less than viable solution especially as it’s in a sketchy area of town. I really hope our paths cross as you SoBo from the Oregon border.


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