Day 110: 7/27/14, Zero Travel Day Take 2

Wow, does my bum hurt after sitting the majority of yesterday and today. On the other hand my legs feel quite rested. All in all, it’s been an….interesting…day on the train from a people watching perspective!

Sleep was better than expected last night even without taking the planned tylenol PM, which I frankly forgot. The rocking of the train was amazingly soothing and I actually slept better when we were in motion than when we stopped at a station. I had breakfast with Joe and a couple from LA who I unfortunately forget their names. We were a chatty group and lingered over mediocre pancakes and eggs. My seat mate was not chatty at all, perhaps because his wife sounded like a harridan (she and the daughter were in the row behind us). I escaped to the observation car for part of the afternoon, which did have great views. There I planned my resupply stops for Washington state and when I had service posted a pathetic message on Facebook asking for a ride from Portland to Cascade Locks. Happily, the trail community once again had my back!

Jordi, who I met on the first few days on my hike before Julian, had gotten off the trail at Sonora Pass and lives in Portland! So so nice and generous, he picked me up from the train station, promptly asked what chores I needed to do, and then invited me out to dinner with him and his girlfriend Devon, a real sweetheart, and 4 of their friends. Anita and Mike hosted us, and Anita made to-die for grilled salmon and veggies, such a great treat! I had so much fun getting to know them and feeling not like an alien from another planet as I sometimes do in towns. Well, despite getting a lesson on “hipster-ism” by the Portlandiers, none of whom are hipsters themselves. So very strange to this Midwesterner. Anywho, I even have a private apartment tonight, as Jordi and Devon are in the process of moving and stashed me here. Awesome!

Tomorrow will be a monster shopping trip for resupply (many of the stops in WA are super tiny and so boxes for the rest of my food beyond the dinners Mom sends are necessary) and hopefully some relaxing. The plan is for Jordi to drive me out to Cascade Locks and the PCT trailhead at the Bridge of the Gods on Tuesday, and he’s even thinking of hiking out with me for a day :).

From my seat on the Amtrak train!



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