Day 111: 7/28/14, Zero Day in Portland

Due to the later than usual night last night, I had quite a leisurely morning sleeping in, cleaning gear, and figuring out what I needed to buy to Resupply for all of WA. Ohh, food angst, never a great thing when you have hiker hunger. Jordi picked me up around 11am for the major shopping trip, where I delighted in the bulk food supply at a very Marc’s-esque (Clevelanders will know what I mean) place. Devon met us out for lunch, as her days off are Mon-Tues. After running a few more errands to Walgreens and the outfitters for a pack cover (finally!), a call home (why can’t I remember the time difference?!), dinner at a great local place called the Hub with Jordi, and the tedious process of repackaging and finalizing my 5 boxes, it was soon 10pm and far past hiker midnight. Whew! Much accomplished, including some relaxation, but I need to get back to the woods to de-stress again! Body is feeling good and strong after 3+ days off, and I have my fingers crossed about not being too lonely out there after the great weeks with Firestarter and Cat Burglar.

Portland is a great city – really impressed so far!

Thanks to Devon and Jordi!




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