Day 113: 7/30/14, PCT Milemarker 2184.9

Miles hiked: 16.9
Cumulative miles: 1227.4
Camped at: Trout Creek with First Light (SOBO section hiker)

Oh humidity, I had forgotten how sticky and unpleasant you could be. Sweat just poured off me most of the day, even going downhill. The first 2-3 miles were amazingly pleasant, I even wore my long sleeved hiking shirt layer, and then it began to rapidly heat up.

This morning was sublime – cool temps and a lovely sunrise. I had forgotten that the sunrise/sunset would be different further north, and once again I was up soon after 5am. After packing up I said goodbye to Jordi and set off down the trail, soon catching a glimpse of what I believe is Mt St Helens! Boy, I hope that volcano remains dormant during my tenure in this state. Little did I know that the views early this morning were going to be the most I’d see today, except for a nice little overlook about a mile and a half from camp. That’s perfectly fine with me – I have no problem tromping through the woods all day long. The issue was the thick underbrush – very few places to take a break! I grabbed them when I could find them. Several sustained climbs and descents today – though none seemed overly strenuous. If it had been cooler or less humid, the hiking would have been downright pleasant! I’m camping below 1000 feet tonight and it’s downright warm! Hello summer. I’ve gotten spoiled camping at such high altitudes – so much cooler and more pleasant to sleep.

As far as company on the trail is concerned, I saw 5 folks going southbound in the morning, and then no one at all until I arrived at the campsite I was aiming for a little before 5pm and met First Light, also a southbound section hiker,
who is more of an early riser than I am! We traded info on water sources and campsites, which was really helpful. Pockets, a northbound thru hiker, came by as I was making dinner and we chatted for a bit before he went on to do a few more miles tonight. He carried a “hello” from Jordi for me! Another few thrus went by, so I’m definitely not out here alone, but I’m thinking I’ll probably be meeting new folks every day rather than getting to know someone at my speed, but you never know in this crazy place we call the trail :).

Post script – it’s 7:30pm and finally cooling off. Whew,
I thought for a while I’d be soaking in my own sweat all night!






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