Day 120: 8/6/14, PCT Milemarker 2303

Miles hiked: 9.2 (including road walk to White Pass)
Cumulative miles: 1345.5
Camped at: n/a, at White Pass Village Inn

Good morning, Mt Rainier. The most spectacular view from my Nero hike into town today was on the last climb, when Rainier appeared to be floating on top of the mist and clouds of early morning. An incredible sight, it stopped me in my tracks. Granted, I may have been huffing and puffing up a hill at the time, but it was the view that made me stop ;).

Ahh, the knowledge that I didn’t have far to hike today made me lazy and I slept in (for me). I was still on the trail by 7am, happily making my way towards town, such as it was. At my morning break looking down on Shoe Lake, a lovely vista, a hiker I vaguely recognized passed me. We arrived in town at about the same time, and he said “is that Pathfinder??”. It was Turkey Feather, who I hadn’t seen since coming down Fuller Ridge and at Ziggy and the Bear’s house that afternoon! He headed back to the trail this afternoon, but we talked for a bit and it was nice to see him again.

At 0.7 miles from where the PCT crosses the hwy, White Pass consists of a convenience store, motel, and closed in the summer ski resort across the street. Perfect though for an easy resupply though I admit I missed having a fresh burger and other restaurant options to truly do a town gorge. The Kracker Barrel store did have frozen foods, sandwiches and pizza, plus assorted snacks and drinks. The ladies there were very hiker friendly despite being super busy. Also very convenient was a washer/dryer and the Village Inn motel right next door. After getting an orange soda (I’ve been on a huge kick for a while now – Heaven knows why I’ve been craving it) and one of my boxes, I hightailed it over to the motel to take a shower. Since I took a bath one of the days I was in Portland, the last shower I’d taken was in Sierra City, and with all the humid weather I was sooooo wanting hot water and soap, ahhhh the luxuries of town life!

The motel is actually condos that surely gets a ton of business during the ski season. In the summer, it was pretty much us hikers and 1-2 vacationing families that I saw. I had a studio, and the kitchenette was so nice to have! They just got satellite TV, and the nice guy in the office came with me to the room to give me a tutorial on using the remote. There were pages of instructions in the room too, it’s clear they’ve had lots of questions as it isn’t an easy system! After a lovely shower in a teeny tiny shower stall, I gathered up my stinky laundry and went back to the store to eat. Happily, my other box had arrived! I was preparing myself to have to take a zero tomorrow (without really needing one) to wait for it, but it came in on that day’s delivery of boxes. Yea for USPS, 2 day priority actually got there in 2 days!

The rest of the day passed quickly cleaning gear, sorting food, talking on the phone and with other hikers, and seeing how much internet I could squeeze out of the Wifi at the motel. I have a lovely porch area overlooking the ski lift across the street, and ate dinner (pizza) out there. I’m not much of a TV watcher except for the dance competition shows, PBS, and sometimes HGTV, and so I was very happy to catch the weekly episode of So You Think You Can Dance. Ahhhhhh, so very nice to be curled up in a comfy bed, if only for one night :).





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