Day 121: 8/7/14, PCT Milemarker 2316.8

Miles hiked: 13.8
Cumulative miles: 1359.3
Camped at: Bumping River campsite

Lakes and more lakes (well, more like stagnant brownish green ponds) today, amidst a pine forest with many cooling breezes. Only Pipe Lake looked nice and blue, and I was glad to take a break by it early this afternoon. After a leisurely morning doing final chores, taking another shower, and visiting with other hikers at the Kracker Barrel store, I got back to the trail at 10:35 this morning to an easy 13+ miles along rolling hills and the aforementioned lakes. At the end of the day I descended down to a few creeks and rivers which made for much nicer water sources! As well as a nice place to camp, here at Bumping River.

Really, who came up with the names in this area?? I passed by a Leech Lake, Deer Lake, Sand Lake, Snow Lake, you get the idea. My original plan only called for 10 miles today, but 3pm was far too early to stop, even on a Nero out of town. I’m glad I went on, as I soon ran into a scout troop headed for that campsite. Not that I have anything against scouts, but a huge group camping next to me is off-putting. The whole lot of them looked exhausted and haggard, and while friendly clearly focused on their remaining miles.

Otherwise, I didn’t see any other backpackers today, in either direction, just a few day hikers and a trail runner. Guess everyone stayed in town or left earlier (and thus went farther) than me! I’m hoping to see Cheryl and Bob from Denver again – the section hiking couple I met the other day in Mt Adams Wilderness at the Adams Creek crazy ford. I know they were planning on a Zero today but hopefully I’ll see them again at Snoqualmie Pass as I’m tentatively planning a zero at the Summit Inn. I think I’ll probably need one after hiking every day for 2 weeks, that seems to be my limit :).

Happily it’s far less humid, and with the huge can of Deet (only 40% available at the store but I’ve been liberally reapplying it) the bugs were very manageable today. I’m happy to declare a truce in the Bug War 2014!




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