Day 122: 8/8/14, PCT Milemarker 2336.3

Miles hiked: 19.4
Cumulative PCT Miles: 1378.7
Camped at: random windy ridge

I’ve learned there is a fine line between wanting company out here, and conversely running from seeming hoards of day hikers and weekenders. When I had the choice of camping amidst many different groups at Goose Lake, I chose to hump water to dry camp up an extra 800 feet of elevation gain (bringing the total climbed today over 5000 feet) at the end of a nearly 20 mile day when I slept only 5 1/2 hrs last night, and am happily set up by myself on a windy chilly ridge with a beautiful view. Ahhh, solitude. Plus, I actually have data service on my phone up here!

Today was surprisingly chilly, except for mid afternoon when in full sunlight. I’m very glad I’ve been carrying my long sleeved hiking shirt as it was off and on all day today. Lots and lots of ridge walking today, and beautiful wildflowers continue Washington as my favorite state on the PCT so far.

Incredible clouds around many views of Mt Rainier today – what an amazing mountain! I also happily availed myself of the privy, trash can, and picnic table at a trailhead parking lot, despite the crowds of people. Amazing how little things out here can brighten up the day :).







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