Day 124: 8/10/14, PCT Milemarker 2374.6

Miles hiked: 19.1
Cumulative PCT Miles: 1417.2
Camped at: small (mostly dry) creek

The locals shooting off things last night didn’t help me get caught up on my sleep, but I did have better energy this morning. Hot and steamy, with lots of elevation change, made for a rougher afternoon. Tomorrow I’m resolving to get up earlier again, as I just laid around waiting for it to get lighter, and didn’t hit the trail until 7am. I’m so much more energetic and hiking efficient in the cool mornings in this weather.

Various ridge walks and ups and downs dominated today through forest and even a burn area, or at least I assume it was a burn area – the trees were all dead but not black looking – ? I met thru hiker Goat and his 2 brothers visiting him from Oklahoma and hiking with him for a week this morning. They had also camped near the cabin, and were looking a bit blurry eyed from the not so quiet night. They are fast movers and doing 26 miles per day to maximize their time while the brothers are here. Good for them – I felt like I pushed myself to make 19 by 5pm and threw in the towel. One of the brothers hiked the AT in 2012 and looked like he was really enjoying being back out on a trail! A young southbounder joined me in camp on one of his first few days on the trail (he got on at Snowqualmie Pass) and is from Ohio, Middleburgh Heights! What a small world. It’s great to have company tonight.

Many thanks to Roger & Shelene from Maple Valley for the Dead Forest Cache – really helped out in a longer water carry section!




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