Day 125: 8/11/14, PCT Milemarker 2393

Miles hiked: 18.4
Cumulative PCT miles: 1435.6
Camped at: Mirror Lake

Smokey fire smell and haze from the distantly burning wildfires, threat of thunderstorms and lightening, and hot and sticky conditions starting even at 6:15 in the morning made for a long but slow day of hiking. Many steep climbs and descents had me carefully avoiding overheating and stopping at a water source every 2-3 miles this afternoon which worked well. What a day, I’m ready to get some good rest, zero style, at the Summit Inn, only 9 miles to go tomorrow to Snowqualmie Pass. The truly happy part of today was….berries! Huckleberries, blueberries, even some (not ripe) raspberries. Yummy indeed, particularly the huckleberries. I even paused in the sunny exposed areas to pick and then greedily devour handfuls. They didn’t necessarily help my raging appetite (not having a good town gorge in 2 weeks contributed to my feeling ravenous starting yesterday) but having some fruit was oh so good :).

I hope it actually rains tonight and cools things off, not just threat of lightening. Wading into Mirror Lake was oh so pleasant before I ate dinner, but I’d prefer not to lay here sweating in my tent after putting on the fly.



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