Day 127: 8/13/14, Zero Day in Snoqualmie Pass

It’s a good day to be in town. While on every zero day that crosses my mind, enjoying the rest and relaxation, today it is particularly true due to the cold rainy weather, at least this morning.

I ate breakfast with Journal and Contrail, a great father-daughter pair from Canada. Journal made it to WA last year on a thru hike and the early winter storms forced him to go home at Trout Lake; he seems very happy to be back on the trail. Contrail had joined her dad for the Sierras last year, and is also in high spirits. They are also taking a zero day today, and each of our plans included lots of napping, eating, and finishing up town chores. Ahhhhh, this is the life.

Anyone heading to Snoqualmie Pass at some point, check out the Red Mountain Coffee shop (in the brown building with the public restrooms, by the “grocery” store) — not only do they have great drinks but fabulous pizza, probably the best I’ve had on the trail so far! There is also a roadside permanent stand by the Chevron station called the Aardvark which serves absolutely fabulous food. I had a burger with Brie, blue cheese, and this amazing BBQ sauce for dinner! I forgot to pay as I ran off to return a phone call, and when I returned I had a laugh with Dan, the owner, who is super hiker friendly. The diner attached to the motel is definitely best for only breakfast fare, as far as food is concerned. All in all, this is a great trail stop – close to the trail, everything within easy walking distance, and really friendly locals. I met local Shelly at the Aardvark (there is a small covered area with picnic tables next to it) and she gave me some fabulous peanut butter rice crispy treats which hit the spot for dessert :). I feel decadently spoiled today!!



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