Day 129: 8/15/14, PCT Milemarker 2409.7

Miles hiked: Nero out of town – 7.7 miles
Cumulative PCT Miles: 1452.4
Camped at: Ridge Lake campsite with Contrail, Journal, and several others

Well my grand plan to wait out the weather didn’t really come to fruition, still socked in. I was twitchy this morning wanting to get back on the trail and knew I couldn’t take another day off. Along with several other folks, I decided to hike out about noon (after having a final, fabulous lunch at the Aardvark) and planned to only hike here to Ridge Lake, the first camping after the climb out of pass, crossing my fingers the fog and mist would soon lift. I’m still naively hopeful about tomorrow! The fog is neat and mysterious, but it was obvious in places that some nice views were totally obscured. Oh well, I’ve been super lucky so far, can’t see ’em all.

This morning was super nice – I had a great breakfast with Journal where I quizzed him about being self employed and how he’s made that work for him, definitely starting to actively think about life beyond the trail again – I think I’m ready now, where I certainly wasn’t last year after the AT! I also saw Plague and Trinity (the nice section hiking couple from Denver) and had a lovely conversation with them in the motel lobby before I had to check out. At the Aardvark I saw U-turn again, who I had met in Trout Lake – a day for reunions! Plus meeting new folks – several guys including Forester who is camped nearby, and Elizabeth who is section hiking WA and recognized me from the blog – so great to meet her!

The hike out of Snoqualmie Pass was wonderfully graded, switchbacked, and gradual. Though I climbed over 3000 feet, I barely noticed as it was over 6 miles. I saw LOTS of day hikers (so great especially with the weather like it is today) and SOBO section hikers, who one and all asked me how far they were to the pass. The sound from I-90 was pervasive for a long time up the climb and inevitably they looked disappointed when I told them (none were really close, at least 2 more miles). Journal and Contrail caught up to me about half a mile before Ridge Lake, and we all got into camp super early. It does look like the next miles are mostly along ridges with few flat spots, so many decided to stop here for the night. Fingers crossed for clearing weather tomorrow morning!!





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