Day 130: 8/16/14, PCT Milemarker 2424.1

Miles hiked: 14.3
Cumulative hiked: 1466.7
Camped at: Lemah Meadow Trail with Steve

A short but sweet day today. The misty rain and fog that had socked in the area for days finally lifted starting at 10am. The glimpses of distant peaks and valleys before then made me say things like “come on, sun, you can do it!” The scenery has been stunning, but I’m ok with missing some of the views – along the “catwalk” section it probably would have made my fear of heights worse!

I left camp later than normal today, not wanting to pack up a wet tent. Hiking in a cloud for the first several miles made me cautious on the ridgelines with lots of small shifting slick rocks, so the going was much slower than normal. Once the fog was whisked away, I happily stopped to take long breaks in the sunshine and dry out wet gear. I love how quickly my tent and fly dry – it was with relief that I packed everything away again, content that if it should rain again today I’d at least be starting with a dry camp setup. There’s nothing quite like setting up a sopping wet tent in the rain. No matter how much you try to dry things off, everything feels damp and unpleasant, and smells like wet dog, yourself the worst. Happily, no rain yet, though the sky clouded over somewhat. When I got here at 4pm, due to my slow day I knew I could either stay and have a short day, or have to hike potentially another 6 miles to the top of the next ridge, which would have been a dry camp. The great creek flowing nearby decided me, plus I always climb stronger first thing in the morning. If I do 2 days of slightly over 20 miles each day, I should still make Stevens Pass in the morning on Tuesday. Or, it’ll be later in the day on Tues, no biggie.

Steve is also camping here tonight, and while it’s always nice to have company, it’s particularly special because he’s hiked quite a bit with Rewind (Susan), who had sent me a text that she got into Snoqualmie Pass yesterday afternoon. I so hope we don’t miss each other when she hikes past, it would be a great reunion in the woods to see her again :).






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