Day 132: 8/18/14, PCT Milemarker 2463.8

Miles hiked: 18.2
Cumulative PCT Miles: 1506.3
Camped at: Ridge campsite with 1 Pole, Professor, and Lupin & Lone Star (2 SOBO section hikers I may see again in OR)

1500 miles on the trail completed, and WOW what a day for seeing and meeting folks! Rewind and I hiked the first mile or 2 together, then again right before lunch, and it was SOOOO good to chat with her and catch up! Took me back to the early days of the hike, and it was tons of fun hearing stories that had happened to her after we said goodbye before Big Bear (the infamous helicopter almost-rescue day). In between, I met up with Professor, who is also doing a flip-flop hike, he and I have seen each other off and on for a while now but only really talked and got to know each other today. We hiked most of the rest of the morning together, and met up at breaks during the afternoon, which was such a nice change from hiking all day long by myself. I was particularly glad I was with someone at the “dangerous ford” this morning, which really wasn’t that bad (I thought the Mt Adams Creek crossing was worse); it’s reassuring to have someone else nearby during swift fords even when they’re not particularly deep – this one wasn’t above my knees :).

I was amazed to run into Twice today! At Quincy it was blazingly hot so he flipped up to the Canandian border and is hiking the rest of the trail SOBO. I hope I’m swift enough to see him again once I go back down and start Oregon. I last saw him in Lake Isabella when I fell ill with the bronchitis, which seems like both a long time ago and not that far away. Funny how that happens! I also met Dangit and Fern (?), a younger couple who also flipped from Sierra City! They went up to the border and are hiking SOBO, so again there’s a decent chance I’ll see them again in Oregon. Dangit and I have the same dirty girl gaiters and loved complimenting each other when we noticed ;). Finally, 2 SOBO ladies showed up at camp tonight who are section hiking WA and OR, so I might see Lone Star and Lupin again as well! We’ve crammed 3 tents into a teeny tiny space on this small ridge which has a sharp descent on either side. I just hope I don’t trip over anything when I inevitably get up to pee in the middle of the night. I’m looking forward to sunrise tomorrow morning, it should be a beaut.

This morning began with mist over Deep Lake and eating berries as I climbed the first few miles. The hike today was in and out of one valley to a ridge and back down again, rinse and repeat. Lots of views, and thankfully a decent amount of shade though there were more periods today in the hot sun. The last 0.6miles up to the ridge gained 700 feet of elevation gain, and if it had been rocky I really would have felt like I was on the AT again! Nothing like having sweat just pour down right when I’m ready to be done for the day ;).






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