Day 135: 8/21/14, PCT Milemarker 2490

Miles hiked: 14
Cumulative PCT miles: 1532.5
Camped at: Grizzly Peak (hopefully not accurately named!)

A hint of cool autumn was in the air today, surprising me greatly. Have I really hiked through a good portion of Spring and summer already? It feels like a long time since I’ve been home, but not a long time on the trail, though the miles are ever increasing.

After a last shower and packing up (aughh, 7 days worth of food is always sooooo heavy) I went with Journal and Contrail to the deli for some yummy breakfast sandwiches. The ladies there had a large sign for hitching back to the trail at Stevens Pass, but before we had stood there for 5 minutes, a guy who had been in the deli approached us and said we were welcome to ride in the back of his pickup! Happily, the clouds kept clearing the farther up the road we went, until only wispy ones remained at the pass. I saw Trinity and Plague (the Denver couple) at the ski lodge as they had just hiked in. It was fun to chat with them and catch up, I hope I see them at Stehekin though they are going to take a zero tomorrow.

The hike out was nice and easy this first day of the section, getting on the trail at 10:45. It didn’t feel like I climbed nearly 4000 feet as it was interspersed with a few lakes, a lovely cascading stream, and some great views amongst great forest walking. Other than the heavy pack and mosquitos jumping to attention as I was setting up camp, it was a pretty perfect day :). Professor is about a mile or so behind me, Journal and Contrail probably about 2 miles ahead, and I have Grizzly Peak all to myself tonight. Who knows where U-turn, Patch, and Caveman ended up! But hopefully I’ll see them all tomorrow. Such a nice change to not hear road noise again, just the sound of the wind. I’ll only see 1 more paved road (I think) until Canada in less than 200 miles, just amazing.





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