Day 137:8/23/14, PCT Milemarker 2522.5

Miles hiked: 16.2
Cumulative PCT Miles: 1565
Camped at: random forest site

What a day for both views, both wildlife and scenery! I practically tripped over multiple marmots every few minutes this morning before descending back under treeline, and had my second bear spot early this morning before going above treeline! Many raptors soaring on the thermals amidst tumbling streams and waterfalls, wildflowers and distant peaks in a gorgeous 180 degree panorama for much of the ridgewalk, made for truly sublime hiking. Needless to say, I took many long breaks, both alone and with Contrail, Journal, U-turn, Patch, and Caveman. We all gawked happily at the truly impressive Glacier Peak Wilderness surrounding us. I decided to stop early at 5pm as this site is perfect and I’m determined to eat all the food I’ve been hauling for the full 7 day stretch, and not go into town with too much uneaten :). I’ll also tackle the large climb ahead tomorrow morning when I’m fresh and it’s cool. U-turn and the guys are speeding ahead many more miles tonight, while Journal and Contrail also moved on another mile or 2 as they get a later start than me in the mornings. Tomorrow’s elevation change is truly impressive, if I make it to where I’d like to camp, which apparently has a great view. I feel like I’ve been on a hiking vacation the past 3 days! Is this what it feels like to be a weekender again??






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