Day 138: 8/24/14, PCT Milemarker 2541.2

Miles hiked: 18.7
Cumulative PCT Miles: 1583.7
Camped at: Dolly Vista Campsite with Contrail, Journal, Patch, U-turn, and Caveman (plus a marmot and several chipmunks)

I had a beautiful cathedral this Sunday morning – the high country in Glacier Peaks Wilderness, truly stunning!

Over 7500 feet of elevation gain and nearly 6000 feet of loss made for a continuously up-down day. Steep up-down, at that! Oh, the views and the wildflowers were so worth it though :). Going over treeline twice in 1 day is something special indeed. We’re camped all crammed together on a ridge overlooking the next valley, appreciating the view with alpenglow, and anticipating sunrise tomorrow! I have a feeling I’ll sleep well tonight.

Many blow downs requiring scrambling over, under, or around; multiple streams and rivers to cross, including one on a broken bridge; some unexpected snow traverses; bushwacking up steep slopes, and 1 washed out section if trail on a ridgeline, which put my heart in my mouth for the time it took me to climb through the brush above it; all made for some interesting segments in otherwise great trail today. Thunder rumbled mid afternoon but no rain on the side of the valley I was arduously climbing (this is the climb that never ends….), particularly when exposed bushwacking in hot sunlight which thankfully didn’t last long. I met another NOBO thru, Bigfoot, on that section of the climb when I found a little bit of shade in the corner of a switchback behind a rock. I thankfully flopped down, glad of an opportunity to cool off for a few minutes. I certainly slurped down the water this afternoon!

All things considered, I continue to adore hiking in Washington, I’d do this section of trail again in a heartbeat.














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