Day 143: 8/29/14, PCT Milemarker 2620.25

Miles hiked: 23.5
Cumulative PCT Miles: 1662.8
Camped at: Glacier Pass with Contrail and Journal

Falling asleep as I write this, at 8:10pm on a Friday night – such is the life of a hiker whose day began at 5:15am! Less than 50 miles to go to the Canadian border, and today was another stunning day in the North Cascades despite afternoon rain. I love my gear today, from my down booties currently keeping my toes nice and toasty to my Marmot rain jacket which kept me comfy in the cold rain today, I just have my fingers crossed the shoes hold in there – just 2 1/2 more days to Manning Park!

The first 3 miles to Rainy Pass went swiftly, and I’m always happy to see an outhouse and trash cans at trailheads! I climbed and climbed and climbed….above treeline once again and gorgeous vistas of craggy peaks. The trail was quite rocky with scree, and there were a few minor washouts which weren’t scary despite the ridgeline locations as they were easy to traverse. Then a long gradual descent back into forest and brush this afternoon and a final climb to camp by 6:30. Not bad for a 23+ mile day! I met several groups today and enjoyed chatting with them, I can always tell it’s the weekend from the increase in the non thru/section hiker crowd. One couple gave me an updated forecast and it looks like tomorrow will be the worst for the rain. It was definitely chilly today with the cold front coming through – layers were off and on and off again all day.

Perhaps for the first time in WA, I managed not to get my feet wet today during a stream crossing!








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