Day 145: 8/31/14, PCT Milemarker 2660, O Canada!

Miles hiked: 24.4
Cumulative PCT Miles: 1702.9
Camped at: Castle Creek with Journal and Contrail, in Canada!

I’m going to sleep (very quickly I’m thinking after the long hiking day i had) in another country tonight, after walking here. Yes, this is legal, I have the paperwork to prove it! I am hereby relieved that only once on this Looooong section hike have I had to set up a wet tent, after taking it down in the rain this morning. There’s just nothing like the clammy damp atmosphere, so easy to forget how unpleasant.

I left camp later than normal again this morning amongst cold mist and light rain and soon caught up with Journal and Contrail, who had camped nearby – I saw 2 MSR Hubba shaped dry patches on the ground and knew I was only a bit behind them. On the top of the first climb, the rain turned to wet snowy slush, brrrrr was it cold! Reminded me of the miserably cold icy wet day on Cheoah Bald last year, and I fondly remembered slipping and sliding through the mud down that mountain, and then happily bailing with Buttercup and OB. Unfortunately bailing wasn’t an option today, either keep hiking or stop and set up camp. I leapfrogged with Journal and Contrail all day, which immensely helped keep my spirits up. The few southbounders I saw today looked wet and bedraggled, though a few obvious finished thru hikers still had grins on their faces. Every time I went to take down the umbrella I inevitably walked into another cloud or rain shower, it was relentless. You know it’s prime hypothermia weather when you don’t even think of taking off your rain gear all day! I had somewhat considered making a run to the border today if I made good time – and lo and behold I did, that’s what happens when you take only 2 sit down breaks (and short ones at that!) all day. The soaking wet cold (see a pattern?) brush lining the trail the last 4 miles to the border was a test of patience – rewarded by big smiles and congratulations with Journal and Contrail at Monument 78, it was so nice to share his finish in particular, as he’s now hiked all of the PCT!












2 thoughts on “Day 145: 8/31/14, PCT Milemarker 2660, O Canada!

  1. Congratulations! How cool that you could finish with Contrail and Journal. After we met in Snoqualmie, I did a loop through Alpine Lakes including the hot springs, and headed home. It was nice to hike at a “relaxed” pace of 15 miles a day instead of 20, and I’m excited to finish the rest of Washington next summer, especially now that I’ve read your blog posts about it. I am somewhat envious that I didn’t hike north with you all out of Snoqualmie all the way to Canada, but sounds like we both had great trips. Enjoy hiking back east and hope that our trails cross again sometime.


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