PCT section hike continues…in Oregon!


Glacier National Park:  approaching Triple Divide Pass, June 2016 *Photo from Joan

Time can be so fleeting.  Just 2 months ago I was finishing a 4 day backpacking trip along the CDT (my first section!) in Montana with Hemlock, the perfect culmination of my first cross country solo road trip.  It feels like yesterday.  

Just 2 years ago today I stood at the Canadian border of the PCT, finishing the WA section of the PCT and a cumulative 1700 miles completed.  It feels like merely a month (or 2) ago. It seems apt that I am winging my way across the country on this particular date to continue my section hike with the Oregon section.  

While I decided and blocked off time for this sabbatical 4 months ago, I didn’t really start planning logistics until 4 weeks ago….and even then I didn’t put prep into high gear until 10 days ago.  Oh, complacency….as well as knowledge hard gained in the past.    I really enjoy the planning and prep process – I didn’t even remember how much until I was hip deep in putting dinners together and tossing into the waiting boxes!  

Even I have to admit, though, that it probably would have been a good idea to at least try on the new pair of trail runners after I cut down the insoles yesterday — instead, 5 minutes before leaving for the airport, new toe socks inevidence, I slipped them on, like the old friends they are.  Alas, this is the last pair of Altra Lone Peak 1.5s in my main size I have left – I hoarded several pairs over the past 2 years since they fit my feet so well.  Happy feet can carry me hundreds of miles after all!  I’m really not looking forward to the eternal search for the perfect hiking shoe upon my return….

I’m nervously excited for this solo hike – unlike past time spent on the AT and PCT, this time I won’t be in the thru hiker “herd” and while I hope to meet some late south-bounders, I expect most of the folks out there to be other section hikers and weekenders.  In other words, I hope I’m not too lonely.  Finding peace in the wilderness is definitely needed and anticipated, but I do love to share the amazing views with others.  I’ll remain open to discovering yet another iteration of the beloved trail community.  

Oregon in autumn, here I come!  




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