OR Day 3: 9/2/16

PCT miles hiked: 14.9 + 0.45 side trail, camped at PCT mile marker 1744.4

I woke to a lovely morning, partly cloudy and chilly, some mist but no where near yesterday.  I resolved this morning to let go, disconnect, and not check the various apps every 30 minutes to see my progress.  As a nudge in the side, the Trail wasn’t too subtle – PCT markers everywhere, I didn’t even have the excuse of not wanting to get lost!  I was pretty good about this until the last 3 miles of the day – then I was tired and wanted to get to camp ASAP, so caved in.  It certainly didn’t help me walk any faster!  The morning’s hike included about a mile of panorama ridge walking with some awesome views.  

I’ve been seeing Left-over berries on the bushes by the trail the past 2 days, with fond thoughts of all the “gorging” I did during the WA section.  I left these as I found them – some critter or hungrier hiker to enjoy.  

Hikers met: Many Breaks (SOBO section hiker who gave me some awesome tips on upcoming views), 7 SOBOs including Chia and Topo, and several (~7) NOBOs who passed me.   All were friendly, but it was telling the only conversations I had were with the SOBOs – not in as much of a hurry!  I also met 2 day hikers at a road crossing this morning with 2 lovely huge dogs, who were obviously super excited to go on a hike!  I had to remind myself that I wasn’t volunteering with the Metroparks and ask the owner to make sure his dogs were on leash.  For my piece of mind, he did have leashes with him!  

Adventure of the day – for the first time backpacking, I actually Peed myself!! Talk about a hair trigger bladder – good gosh!  I’d been making an effort to stay hydrated, so every hour is a good indicator I’m doing so.  Well, this was an unpleasant surprise.  Just gross, now I smell like a bad nursing home – which actually got somewhat better as my shorties dried but still.  Needless to say, this happened in the last 5 miles, when I had chosen to take a side trail down to a horse camp.  Ironically enough, I was looking forward to using the pit toilet, as well as the advertised picnic table. My mood was pretty sour during that whole side trip – while the view of Hyatt Lake was lovely, I wish I would have skipped it.  Of course, the return trip was all uphill.  Plus, I got bitten by something while down there – either a biting black fly or another bee, since it hurt.  Not everything out here is sunshine and roses!  

Gear notes: repaired shorties (sewed hole) – 3 for 3!  Let’s not make it 4 days running, good grief.  

Health notes: my sinuses don’t seem to know what to do out here so kinda dry and stuffed up – allergies are ok thus far.  Some chafing in a sensitive place.   Bee sting from yesterday is quite swollen and hot now – but only mildly itchy.  Just took a Benadryl, might fall asleep even before 9pm!   Body felt good with the increased mileage, so going for 16.5 tomorrow.  If that works ok, I may actually swing doing 17 mile days in the next section (what was I thinking during planning??)


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