OR Day 8: 9/7/2016

Camped at PCT mile marker:1810.2

Miles hiked today: 12.1

Ughh, I had this post all written and the WP app did something funky.  So, here we go – somewhat recreated.  

I made the mistake of checking to see if I had internet access being within 10 miles of Crater Lake National Park before starting to write.  An hour – gone, posting pics from the last several days on Instagram (I’m choosing my fav pic of each day) and catching up on Facebook.  Disconnected in the wilderness?  Not so much….it was odd to have 4 days where I didn’t have service.  Well, I better hit the highlights and try to get some sleep – hiker midnight fast approaches.  

Yes, the trail goes thru that

Wowza, another day in the hiker jungle gym of tree blowdowns.  After getting about 5 hours of sleep (an improvement sad as that is to say about the past week), I got on the trail late for me at 7:40am.  After filling up water for the 20 mile dry section starting today and into tomorrow, my pack (and back) were really feeling it.  By 4pm, I was so tired and beat up (my legs are a testament to who is winning the acrobatic tree blowdown encounters – hint, it’s not me) I was just done for the day … And reached a wonderful campsite!  The pics don’t show the greatness of the view both east and west, the great constant breeze, or the bees (and a few mosquitos) buzzing about.  

I even have company tonite, though considering how lonely I felt yesterday I barely spoke with her at all.  I’m just hoping my cough is better tonite and I don’t keep her up.  Or wake her when I pack up early .  Ahh, I’ve already gotten so used to camping by myself and needing to worry about my impact on anyone else!  

Triple trunk pine

I’ve been trying some different photo taking techniques, with some success thus far.  The pine(s?) in the photo above were so tall the tops got cut off, but I forgot about trying a vertical panorama – rats, next time I guess.  

The past few days, I’ve been rocking down the trail listening to Mumford & Sons – it’s a tradition now.  I found out about them from a hiker on the AT, and some of my best memories of coming up to a vista on both the AT and PCT just happened to be while I was listening to one of their songs. No outstanding memory made today, just the presence of old friends coming to mind.  

I went through a recovering burn area from 2008, and somewhat ironically had the best partial views all day long.   

I also tried some “stoveless” cooking today considering the long water carry and dry camping.  I added water to my taco mix and pudding at the water source and let it cook/rehydrate that way.  I did end up firing up the stove to have the rest of the hot chocolate  – my food bag has never been so low!  I literally have enough for Bfast tomorrow, a taco for lunch, and 2 snacks – sounds just about right for 10 miles. 

First snack – score!

12-15 miles per day seems to be just right – not too low, not too high, a perfect sweet spot allowing me time for shoes off breaks, and camping at great spots I come across.  I’ve got a 17 mile day coming up after Crater Lake that is unfortunately unavoidable to get to water -a 27.3 mile dry stretch.  Fun times! 

The blowdowns at break areas make for great back rests!

Hikers encountered: not many today!  Saw a weekender guy (the first backpacker I’ve ever seen actually carrying a gun!) in the burn area soon after noon, and then no one else until I was stopped here in camp – 3 guys (one NOBO, 2 SOBOs) stopped and chatted briefly.  Then my fellow camper – and that’s all she wrote, folks!  

Gear repair: I woke up to little puffs of down in the air and realized I tore the stiching in my puffy coat’s pocket I had done on night 2.  So, out come the old needle and thread again.  Hopefully this repair will last longer, I’m running out of thread.  

Health:  congested cough persists, I’m not positive it is from the dust out here or something else my Allegra D isn’t touching, but I have my fingers crossed the store (reported to be quite small) in Mazama Village in Crater Lake NP has some cough/sinus medication.  I live in hope of paying a ridiculous markup!  


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