OR Day 9: 9/8/2016

Welcome to Crater Lake! 

PCT Mile Marker: 1818.4

Miles hiked today: 8.2 PCT to Hwy 62 + 1.3 road walk/side trail to Mazama Village, total miles 9.5

Cumulative OR miles: 102

Another beautiful Oregon sunrise

Today’s half day hike/half day resupply experience was about the opposite to Fish Lake – tons of hikers about, in a National Park (read – somewhat impersonal service and lots of tourists who look at me like I’m homeless and/or crazy) setting.  Guess who I caught up to?  Kermit, Tin Man et al!  They took a zero here, and happily Tin Man’s gnarly blister is healing up.  I also met Pooh Bear, also an AT alum (2006) at the store, who gave me some great info about the trail ahead.  I have her some tips (requested!) about reaupplying in the Sierra.  This encounter only reinforced some recent thinking that I do love the planning and logistics portion of all of this! 

I met a local-ish Oregon couple, Wendy and ?, on the trail this morning – they are hiking 200 miles northbound, and started a day after me.  They are taking a zero here tomorrow, so who knows if we’ll meet again.  I was off in the woods doing my personal business when they passed me – it was one of those situations that the trail curves around and I couldn’t find a good spot protected from all angles.  Luckily I don’t think they saw me.  At least, they were polite and didn’t mention it when I caught up to them taking a break.  They’re taking a zero tomorrow so I may actually see them again.  

The hiking today was decent, with some lovely views and relatively easy rolling hills. Plus, I counted only 2 blow downs once on NP property!  So I was actually able to get a pace going.   However, I was in a foul mood due to 1) not sleeping well again and 2) not hearing my alarm.  Kinda ironic.  Then I ran out of TP (thankfully after I did my Biz)….and all I thought I wanted was to be inside and have a real bed tonight.  I think I was just overly tired and hungry – as soon as I got here my mood rapidly turned about.  Long distance hiking is really a mental game.   Also, it was great I made it to the store by noon so I had a full half day “off”.  Off meaning typical town chores of eating, sorting thru resupply, shower, laundry, eating again….but in general trying to stay off my feet as much as possible! 

Tracie, who is from Portland and is also a NOBO section hiker, and camped next to me last night, arrived and we actually had a conversation!  In fact, we ended up eating lunch at the restaurant together and in general hanging out doing our chores.  She’s a great gal and I’ll be sad to see her go on ahead – she’s hiking 20+ mile days to hopefully finish in 3 weeks.  

Guilt free lunch

I rounded out the day back at the restaurant, with the same server, though different table.  Ahh, guilt free calories!  The single serving pizza was good, as was the basic salad bar.  The cherry pie, however, was nothing like home baked – alas.

In fact, Mazama Village would be the perfect place to resupply (small store, restaurant, showers, cheap laundry, free camping, indoor plumbing in bathrooms) …. if only they had free wifi and/or cell coverage!  I had several items on my to-do list requiring some connectivity, but no go.  We’ll see at the Rim Village tomorrow.  It is 6 miles from here, and I hope to get there in time for the breakfast menu at the Lodge.  Then, views of Crater Lake!!  I’ll be hiking the Rim alternate trail instead of the stock PCT.  

Health update:  cough is still present, but dare I say slightly better.  I bought some Halls and 2 packets of Nightquil just in case, and may get some more in Rim Village tomorrow if needed.  I actually hacked up a few small flem-dust balls, so clearly my lungs want the junk just gone.  I think it helped not hiking all day kicking more of it up to inhale. 


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