OR Days 11 & 12: 9/10-9/11/2016

For love of a zero day….

PCT mile marker 1845.3, Hwy 138; miles hiked: 9

Zero day at Diamond Lake Resort 

Diamond Lake

Following yet another night of awful sleep due to coughing, I was utterly relieved my mom had been able to make a motel reservation for me at Diamond Lake, and that I could call them from the trailhead for a pickup – not even any solo hitching (which I try to avoid) needed!  

I dragged myself, yawning and alternating nose sniffling and hacking coughs, down the easiest 9 miles ever in the mountains.  There was maybe 300 feet of elevation gain and about the same descending – in other words, almost perfectly flat.  If I hadn’t been at 6000 feet, in a pine forest, and with a super dusty trail it could’ve been any trail in my local Metroparks. Oh well, I’m glad it wasn’t a super hard hike as I had to stop every hour or so just to take a break off my feet.  

After waiting for a bit at the trailhead for my ride, and getting harassed somewhat by bees, I arrived at Diamond Lake.  It’s a lovely location, and quite hiker friendly.  The motel room and lodge building furniture is kinda dated, but comfy.  Nice selection in the store, and a great picnic area near the small beach with great views of the lake.  All in all, a great locale for a tired hiker needing a break!  

I spent my zero day off my feet primarily – eating a good breakfast buffet brunch, using the free wifi in the lodge, chatting outside, and napping.  Only chore I have left is to do laundry – left until the end for once so I could have as clean clothes as possible going back out on the trail!  

Guilt-free ice cream

Lesson re-learned, my body definitely appreciates a day off.  This section hike will include 2 – here and in Sisters in another 10 days.  Seems perfect for a month-longish hike.  


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