OR Day 28: 9/27/2016

Nero out of Timberline Lodge

Morning view from the steps of Timberline Lodge – where we’re going (Mt Jefferson)

PCT Mile Marker 2089, Miles hiked today: 5.5, camped at Barlow Pass

Ahh, the decadence of staying at one of the gorgeous historic lodges – I thoroughly enjoyed the experience!  Timberline is a great place – a CCC era building made of wood, stone, and wrought iron.  Just amazing it is in the great shape that it is – less than 1% has been replaced, though features have been added, like the pool.   

View from the mezzanine – the stone fireplace goes down another level!

Coffee, tea, and a view of early morning Mt Hood before the buffet opened

I’ve been eagerly anticipating the breakfast buffet here at Timberline, and it didn’t disappoint!  Hemlock and I stuffed ourselves silly for over an hour before we finally finished.  Cheesy eggs, frittata, sausage, pancakes, fruit, and pastries – what I ate and that wasn’t everything, just yum. 

We had planned to do only a few miles today since yesterday was a full day of hiking for me and my legs are tired.  So, check out at 11am meant gathering resupply together, packing up, and even time for a short lay down on the bed.  The lodge is very hiker friendly and no one bats an eye at us loitering in the common area for several hours with our packs, making phone calls and doing internet tasks like backing up photos and blogging.  Hemlock decided to take a lodge tour, while I went upstairs to the Ramshead Bar for lunch on the mezzanine.  I’d been craving a good salad for days, and it and the lovely warm crusty bread certainly didn’t disappoint! 

I feel a little guilty (but not really) for not eating out of my very heavy food bag as once again I’m carrying extra so I don’t have to buy as much at Olallie Lake – a consequence of moving resupply points at the last minute — still very much worth it!

The weather coming up looks like it is turning, so I’d better soak up all this sun.  The wind has a chill again, goodbye Indian Summer.  

Hemlock’s alternate use for the umbrella – photography!

It’s not often I take a Nero like this – hiking few miles late in the day.  In fact, I can recall only one other time on the PCT, leaving Scissors Pass at 4pm to avoid the heat.  We cowboy camped on a ridge to watch the Blood Moon eclipse that night, which was awesome.  No astronomical events like that tonight, we just needed to hike a few miles to set us up for the week ahead, my final section back to Sisters OR.  It would be incredibly easy to get sucked into the vortex around Timberline Lodge – sooooo easy to stay for many days, what a great place.  

The hike today was literally a downhill stroll – we dropped to 4100 feet from just over 6000.  The top section was exposed and sandy, and I was glad we were SOBO as I wouldn’t have wanted to climb up all that sand!  

Sand in my shoe after the initial descent off Mt Hood

We then had some lovely forest walking for several miles, stopping midway to tank up with water to dry camp.  Here at Barlow Pass we’re close to a road, which is odd as when I’m solo I try to be a bit further into the woods.  However, no one has come by, and this seems like a decent location.  Can’t beat the picnic table, trash can, and clean port-a-John either!  

What is this for?? Let’s use if for food hanging!

Other than Hemlock getting stung (by a bee?) the day literally had no strife, only relaxation and a great mini hike.  Ahhhhhhh…….

Bets are that it will be foggy tomorrow morning – saw the valley covered this morning from the lodge, plus we coulda swore we saw some on the tallest pine trees in the distance as we enjoyed evening chatting at the picnic table.  It’s so warm we didn’t have to dive into our tents right after dinner!  

Gear minutiae: I chose the silver thread for this evening’s inevitable sewing repair on my shorties.  They just need to hold together for 6 more hiking days….

Health update:  legs and feet are happy again, cough is lingering but still much improved.  Chafing issue from last section is happily much improved thanks to Hemlock’s huge tube of Aquaphor – it’s great stuff, I wish I’d been able to find it in Sisters.  Never leave home without it!  


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