Day hiking delights in Central Oregon: 10/2-10/4 & the Journey Home 10/5-10/6/2016

Being a tourist for a few days is a great way to transition back to your front country life.... With a sense of "we can go anywhere!" that having a rental car has instilled, Hemlock and I contemplate our options.   After doing some morning shopping at the Bend REI (totally overwhelming at times - … Continue reading Day hiking delights in Central Oregon: 10/2-10/4 & the Journey Home 10/5-10/6/2016


OR Day 32: 10/1/2016

My section hike for 2016 is officially over When I woke up this morning, my first thought was - "gosh, I hope the sting site is better".  Unfortunately, it wasn't - at least, not enough to be worry free.  Time to get thee to the doctor!  The staff at the nearby Urgent Care center were … Continue reading OR Day 32: 10/1/2016

OR Day 31: 9/30/2016

I didn't think I'd be back here so soon.... Miles hiked today: 9.5, Cumulative Oregon section miles: 362 TMI alert: some medical misfortune being described ahead! Morning thoughts:  Not the most restful nights sleep - the bee sting was super itchy and inflamed, making for quite a bit of discomfort and fidgeting.    Therefore I'm … Continue reading OR Day 31: 9/30/2016

OR Day 30: 9/29/2016

Happy Birthday Hemlock! Camped at PCT Mile Marker 2052.5, Trooper Spring Miles hiked today: 17.6 Today was a day of forest walking - lovely but pretty uneventful as far as views are concerned.  A brief glimpse of Mt Jefferson and 3 Fingered Jack in the hazy distance in a brief burn area, and that was … Continue reading OR Day 30: 9/29/2016

OR Day 29: 9/28/2016

Easiest hiking day on the PCT!   PCT Mileage Marker 2079.1, camped at Miller Trail Junction (near Clackamas Lake) Miles hiked today: 18.8 + side trails to Crater Lake, Horse Camp, and Clackamas Lake - probably at least 1 more mile Wow, today was a virtual stroll through the autumn woods - for nearly 20 … Continue reading OR Day 29: 9/28/2016

OR Day 28: 9/27/2016

Nero out of Timberline Lodge PCT Mile Marker 2089, Miles hiked today: 5.5, camped at Barlow Pass Ahh, the decadence of staying at one of the gorgeous historic lodges - I thoroughly enjoyed the experience!  Timberline is a great place - a CCC era building made of wood, stone, and wrought iron.  Just amazing it … Continue reading OR Day 28: 9/27/2016

OR Day 27: 9/26/2016

Climbing Up Mt Hood PCT Mile Marker 2094.5, Miles Hiked 12, Timberline Lodge Only 12 miles today but with no gas in the engine (translation - I didn't sleep well last night), climbing a total of 4400+ feet in elevation went super slooooooowly.  In the realm of 1mph for the AM climb.  Sigh.  On the … Continue reading OR Day 27: 9/26/2016